As an individual so totally done with Hollywood, more specifically the Hollywood agenda, I have to address the distinct difference in recognizing conspiracies against the more broad based term ‘conspiracy theory’.

As it stands for the Matrix; we’re living in it, plain and simple.

Everything from the “Mandela Effect”, to “mass formation psychosis” (recognized, though discredited by mainstream news), to whatever outlandish or counterintuitive suggested protocols are established by those we tend to hold in high regard should be proof that something is going on.

It has been said that one of the self-evident human traits is that we think with words. If you can change the language, you can manipulate the way we think. And they say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that axiom is true, it’s probably moreso the case with moving pictures.

When you hear people talking about the need to “unplug” or in some way ask the big questions about what life is and if there’s something beyond this moment, you have a generation sized, Gilgamesh type narrative to fall back on. You know, for those light dinner conversations about parallel universes and the like.

Granted, people have asked such questions since the beginning of structured society but now we’re able to create worlds within our own, about the very things we crave answers to in the first place.

Down and down the rabbit hole we go.

It is within this general construct that the original Matrix movie, unleashed on the viewing public in 1999, became so fundamentally groundbreaking that it changed the way we thought; not just about film or acting or any other subset of cinematic endeavors but of the way we perceive the world around us. In fact, at least from my limited knowledge on the subject, use of the word “matrix” at that time wasn’t really widespread outside the realm of IT and communications. See the difference?

In comparison (comparing this preface with the string of Matrix movies), it is just as true that if you don’t have a solid foundation to start, you couldn’t possibly take notice of any of these slightly different but no less major glitches in our way of life these days. You have to start with the first movie, in other words.

Realize, too, that observing and comprehending are two entirely different things.

If the graphics represent the question of whether we are dreaming or not, if the action represents the question of what our collective purpose is, then it’s probably enough to say that everything else can be cross applied and will touch every aspect of our lives in some form.

However, Hollywood can never answer whether this is good or bad. It (or they) can never answer what our individual purpose is. They can never give us happiness either (a unique human need).

All they can do is shape another narrative, form another construct to dissect and create division, and the rest can only be answered by other means.

Maybe it is time to unplug.

Bye bye Hollywood.

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