Man Of Steel

Comics used to be thought of as less than.  Eventually, partly because of the gradual shift in movie making capabilities and an aging populace (among other things), comics became graphic novels.  For better or worse, storylines entered into an amorphous area and became less cut and dry; less black and white over the years. The […]

Who Cares

Note:  This post was originally written some weeks ago just before the game against the Bengals. Who cares? It pains me, as a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns, to have had to adjust to Sundays without football. I did a sports show podcast early in my broadcasting career.  I emulated the greatest announcers covering […]

CM Punk

CM Punk returned to the squared circle after seven missed years and countless opportunities. Could have, would have, should have. Thing is, he received the loudest pop I’ve ever heard for any wrestler and that’s saying something.  Sure it’s in AEW.  Sure time will tell if they survive WWE.  But this isn’t the same WWE […]


Sometimes, in certain instances, it’s harder to put into words the things that are so easy to express in everyday conversations. This is one of those instances.  But why? The Cleveland Indians announced they will be changing the name of the team starting next season.  Why not do it right now?  Some issues raise more […]

WW 1984

I haven’t watched any of the Star Wars films in a very long time.  That stated, from my memory, the first twenty or so minutes of this movie reminded me of Star Wars in the sense that it had compelling break neck speedy action with very minimal dialogue.  And it was good. However, if the […]


Professional wrestling, particularly the WWE here in the States, has always been known for its colorful characters. This is still the case in today’s squared circle.  There is one “Superstar” though that is finally being recognized for his talent despite not having the flashiest persona.  For the record, I have not watched or followed any […]