CM Punk

CM Punk returned to the squared circle after seven missed years and countless opportunities. Could have, would have, should have. Thing is, he received the loudest pop I’ve ever heard for any wrestler and that’s saying something.  Sure it’s in AEW.  Sure time will tell if they survive WWE.  But this isn’t the same WWE […]


Professional wrestling, particularly the WWE here in the States, has always been known for its colorful characters. This is still the case in today’s squared circle.  There is one “Superstar” though that is finally being recognized for his talent despite not having the flashiest persona.  For the record, I have not watched or followed any […]


Thanksgiving is a time of reflection.  It is also a time for football.  With this in mind, it should be noted that the XFL is starting up (again) in February 2020.  The basic rundown is as such: A spring league comprised of eight inaugural teams Two day, two team playoff to decide championship contenders Season […]

All Star

The city of Cleveland was once again in the spotlight.  Downtown was alive and vibrant with the sound of fireworks and out of towners enjoying local eateries, bands, and most importantly baseball. It was the 2019 All Star Game. The week gave those who attended the host city an opportunity to take part in interactive […]


Vince McMahon is apparently getting back into the business of football.  Let’s be clear: Vince McMahon doesn’t (and won’t) fail twice.   His folded league was a colossal undertaking and was considered a failure.  He did, however, introduce some very innovative concepts to the game of football that are still used today.   In order […]