WW 1984

I haven’t watched any of the Star Wars films in a very long time.  That stated, from my memory, the first twenty or so minutes of this movie reminded me of Star Wars in the sense that it had compelling break neck speedy action with very minimal dialogue.  And it was good. However, if the […]

Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not was released late August, 2019. It’s such a different and compelling dark comedy that it’s worthy of a review.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good. The film centers around Grace, played by Samara Weaving (who looks like a mirror image of fellow Australian actress Margot Robbie), a newlywed married into […]


In the world of DC graphic novels, 2019 has been dubbed “Year Of The Villain”.  Of the most successful franchises in the company’s history, the “Batman Who Laughs” series seems to have captured the imagination of readers to the extent that there is a real hunger to cross-market its’ most recognizable villain in The Joker. […]