CM Punk

CM Punk returned to the squared circle after seven missed years and countless opportunities.

Could have, would have, should have.

Thing is, he received the loudest pop I’ve ever heard for any wrestler and that’s saying something.  Sure it’s in AEW.  Sure time will tell if they survive WWE.  But this isn’t the same WWE from years ago that was way up top of WCW.

Seems they have some real problems these days.

Probably more so than any wrestler in recent memory CM Punk has that unique ability to connect with the average person.  He’s always been all business, period.  In his AEW debut he spoke openly, scripted as it was, about his decisions and how it may have affected fans to watch him leave a business that so many feel they themselves are a part of, only to be beaten each time in an MMA ring but then explained that he’s back because of the new talent and passion from fans in AEW both front and back.

Months ago I wrote up a list of the greatest of all time and left CM Punk off that list because of his untimely departure.  It was difficult because he is great.  If the day ever comes that AEW overtakes WWE in ratings then I will gladly hand CM Punk a spot on my very unscientific list because he’ll undoubtedly have a hand in that accomplishment.

Until then, we’ll have to wait and see if he lives up to his word.  Good to see the Best in the World back in action.

For the time being.

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