Sometimes, in certain instances, it’s harder to put into words the things that are so easy to express in everyday conversations.

This is one of those instances.  But why?

The Cleveland Indians announced they will be changing the name of the team starting next season.  Why not do it right now?  Some issues raise more questions than answers.

Most people understand the Wahoo logo is a bit disingenuous.  But, as a lifelong Clevelander, I may have a unique perspective on this.  Maybe.

The logo was originally designed to emulate the dimensions of old Municipal Stadium.  When I’d visit the ballpark years ago, when the Indians were actually good, never and not once did I look at the logo disassociated from baseball.  It always represented the team with pride, in my opinion, and possibly the city.  And believe me when I state that the city doesn’t have much going for it.  Evidenced by the decision to rename the team “Cleveland Guardians”.

Who are they, these Guardians?  Good question.

The powers that be decided to rename the team after traffic statues that are situated on a bridge heading into downtown.  Look, agenda driven sports will indeed still have it’s place despite a seemingly simple name change.  But again, it’s different in Cleveland.  Gone are the days of sports fans in the city so desperately wanting a winning team that they’d care less what they are called.  It’s a shame to me that whatever extension derived from the name and logo may have been pride has been replaced with an empty attempt to reclaim it; without giving “Natives” at least a wink and nod.  Why not call them the Cleveland Shawnee? Choctaw? Wichita? Seminole? Cherokee?  This is an even bigger problem considering that, for whatever reason, baseball’s powers that be want to insert themselves in the realm of politics.  Also consider, at least for a moment, the recent request by the city to have taxpayers again fund the upkeep of the stadium.  Now who do you have left to care for your cause?

And why can’t this be talked about or mentioned in certain company without said company giving you eye rolls or audible scoff?

To be clear, I am not defending the Chief Wahoo logo.

That’s now in the hands of your Guardians.

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