Bean Bag Toss

I recently stopped into a location to get a simple haircut.

I hurriedly signed in, received a text, and sat down.

What I saw on the monitor directly in front of me was astounding.

ESPN was broadcasting a professional Cornhole tournament.   I wasn’t surprised at all that the network was showing it.   I was shaking my head at the fact that it’s an actual thing in and of itself.  And this is from the guy who argued on the radio that video games are a sport.

Maybe it was the pretentious way the announcers were going about it, taking it way too seriously, talking about the focus it takes and how the boards are several paces away from were you’d put them in a driveway.  They left out the part about drinking yourself to oblivion while doing so.  There are many activities in which this is the case; golf, put-put, bowling, horseshoes, darts, etc.   But it still begs the question, who is actually watching this?  You know, willingly?

And is this how far the mighty sports world has fallen?  You can literally stand there in a drunken stupor and toss a bean bag anywhere.  I know.  I’ve seen it.  Does it take skill?  Maybe.  But furthering the point, anyone can throw a football in a stupor too.  I’m from Cleveland.  Trust me I know.  But still it takes years of work to be a Tom Brady and it doesn’t make the announcers any less pretentious when they talk about the “pageantry” and “glory” of the NFL.

It’s laughable and reminds me of Hollywood actors who give awards to each other for doing their jobs.  Make believe land.  All of it.  I then sat down after being called to the chair to watch a riveting sequence of something called Spike Ball.  What is going on?  I hope everyone can find something better to do with their time, perhaps playing these games themselves with friends and family, instead of watching this nonsense.

Stay tuned.

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