WW 1984

I haven’t watched any of the Star Wars films in a very long time.  That stated, from my memory, the first twenty or so minutes of this movie reminded me of Star Wars in the sense that it had compelling break neck speedy action with very minimal dialogue.  And it was good.

However, if the overall object was to create a period piece it fails miserably.  If the idea is nostalgia it falls short of many elements that could’ve helped.  If it’s action, there isn’t much and the CGI is really bad at times.  The story, however, is decent enough to keep you motivated to watch it.  Predictable as it is.

There are a few moments of levity and it doesn’t play as serious as some of the worst Marvel movies so that’s a plus.  But Wonder Woman, aside from the campy television show in the 60’s/70’s, is supposed to be all business. Much like Superman.

Gal Gadot, as perfect for the role as she is and as wonderful as the first movie was, is simply not enough to save this one.  And trust me I wanted to give it high praise.

The bad guy isn’t really a foe so much as a caricature of an oil tycoon from political cartoons of yesteryear and Cheetah is played by a well known comedienne.  You get what you paid for there.  Wonder Woman’s love interest makes an odd return that doesn’t entirely make sense in the context provided by the storyline (it’s two people?).

Anyway, it’s good to see bright flashy colors and Gal on the small screen again (the movie had been buried by the events of the past year) and it’s still better than half the graphic novel based movies out there today.  I’d give it a go if you have some hours to spend in the evening and are in need of some sleep.  Certainly don’t expect it to be like the first one at all.

They could’ve done so much more with Gadot and the 84 angle.  In my book it’s a C minus movie that keeps the franchise thus teetering from the Justice League and Harley Quinn offerings.

But we’ll see.

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