Professional wrestling, particularly the WWE here in the States, has always been known for its colorful characters. This is still the case in today’s squared circle.  There is one “Superstar” though that is finally being recognized for his talent despite not having the flashiest persona.  For the record, I have not watched or followed any sports in quite some time and it’s easy to fall behind on the latest drama in wrestling if you’re out of it for even a week.

But WrestleMania is still considered the pinnacle of pro wrestling and the casual fan often takes notice.  I can state honestly that, looking at this year’s card on night one at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, one match stood out as a potential show stealer.   It brought back memories and sort of had me excited.

And in my opinion it delivered.

A middle of the card match and not for any title doesn’t seem like much at all but consider this: Seth Rollins against Cesaro.

Seth is a fine wrestler but has been pushed by WWE brass for so long now (my opinion) that it reminds me of when Triple H took over as the leader of DX.  It became boring and it wasn’t the same without the great Shawn Michaels.  The Shield wasn’t maybe as great as DX but the WWE did what they always do and split the group, pushed who they wanted, and left another in the dust.  Now, when Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose ( now Moxley in AEW) have moved on to bigger and better things, Rollins has been made to scratch and claw his way to the top of a very disjointed WWE.  For his part, Cesaro has been the picture of class and technicality since his arrival in WWE but has suffered a bit under the umbrella of “creative” ( the people responsible for the storylines and ultimately the direction of the televised matches).  They are now calling him the “Swedish Cyborg” but, no matter, his expertise has put him above the rest in the eyes of the fans and in my opinion, no one there deserves it more.

The match itself was great with flips, and twists and turns, and ended with Cesaro’s finishing moves and the crowd popped.  It’s good to see a guy of his stature, caliber, and work ethic get noticed and it’s a good move for a company that hasn’t always made right decisions, especially lately.  And on WrestleMania of all cards, it shows trust.

It used to be a star studded event.  But it fit perfectly that Cesaro, an old school, no nonsense, technical wrestler wins on a night like that.  But anything can happen and I was concerned as a fan that he’d get passed on again as Rollins’ usually gets the win these days.  In all, night one was fairly decent and made more special that Cesaro won a big singles match on a grand stage, in front of a live crowd.

No doubt there will be more from him down the line and who knows, maybe even a World Championship (?)

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