Way To Go

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming NFL season, The Cleveland Browns managed to make some local headlines.

The team introduced a new set of uniforms.

Focusing on that, and putting aside whether or not this even matters at the moment, it seems necessary to take a look at what some other teams are doing to improve their look.

The Atlanta Falcons have decided to go with a script abbreviation, ATL, above the numbers on their jerseys.  The Colts have gone with a look that changes the horseshoe logo in favor of a letter C, with the inside of said letter forming the shape of the state of Indiana.  The Chargers, Bucs, and Rams have also changed their uniforms to some degree and it hasn’t really gone over well, at least in terms of initial reactions.


Two seasons ago the Browns led the way by representing the city of Cleveland with script logos across the top and sides of their jerseys.  It was reminiscent of the Seattle Seahawks approach, taken a step further, and signified the advent of finally drafting a quarterback of the future in Baker Mayfield.  The approach was panned by fans but it ultimately worked, not because of any success on the field, but because Browns fans all agreed that the team could wear retina piercing hot pink uniforms and no one in Cleveland would care, so long as they were winning.  Well, that didn’t happen so now the next natural move in marketing is to change the uniforms again.

But to what?

There have been several video clips circulating that show the moments Baker, Odell, and a few others received their updated jerseys and their collective reactions say it all.

This is what you came up with?

It’s not an update.  It’s simply going back two years ago, to the jerseys the team has worn since nineteen hundred and forty six.  That’s nearly sixty four years if my math is right and you’re counting.  Just because you call something classic doesn’t make it good.  Or help you win games for that matter.  This is yet another failed public relations stint.  My opinion.

In all fairness, I was against the idea of changing anything, for any reason, anytime the powers that be wanted to.  But I thought that if they were going to do it, regardless of what anyone else thought, we should go all-in.  This is what we have come to know as a lose-lose-lose situation.  The team doesn’t win, you change the uniforms despite the fans, and now you change it again.  But it’s the same uniforms you’ve worn since nineteen hundred and forty six.

The geniuses in charge claim these uniforms harken back to the Browns glory days.  I’d settle for the days when we could win ten games, barely make the playoffs, and lose in the first round at this point.

Of course, when every other team decides it’s time to update uniforms the Browns decide to go retrograde.


However, all in all, how could anyone be upset?  The team never wins anyway, we have another first year head coach, our franchise quarterback will be warming the bench at mid season, and I’ll be watching players in the same uniforms they’ve always worn since time immemorial.

Way to go Browns, way to go.

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