Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not was released late August, 2019.

It’s such a different and compelling dark comedy that it’s worthy of a review.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good.

The film centers around Grace, played by Samara Weaving (who looks like a mirror image of fellow Australian actress Margot Robbie), a newlywed married into a wealthy family who’d amassed their fortune in the board game industry.

Later that evening she is informed of a family tradition in which the bride must choose a card from a deck, stored in an antique box given to the groom’s family by the spirit of a man who’d lost a wager with the patriarchs great-great-great grandfather.  Or something like that.  You follow?

Of course the card Grace picks is exactly the wrong one; Hide and Seek.  She soon finds out how serious this game is to everyone involved, though she should’ve known from the not-so-subtle Addams Family-esque attitudes and aesthetics of those around her.

Mayhem ensues as she must get to dawn without being offed by her in-laws.  One by one the cast is picked off in gruesome ways but, from the ones that they actually show, it comes across as laughable.

And if this is the point, then the movie is a success.  Aside from the feeling that the entirety of the film is just a one sided satire about rich people getting away with everything, it’s actually decent.  It scores points on originality (though it clearly draws inspiration from other films) and builds suspense (though you already know what’s ultimately going to happen).  The one thing it lacks is the building up of characters; enough that you should care about what happens to them.  In the end this is simple, mindless fun.

It’s a well written, original (somewhat) film of both horror and comedy.  If you’re in the mood to laugh or be scared, enter the world of Alex and Daniel Le Domas (Alex played by actor Adam Brody).  But don’t watch if you’re about to get married.

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