All Star

The city of Cleveland was once again in the spotlight.  Downtown was alive and vibrant with the sound of fireworks and out of towners enjoying local eateries, bands, and most importantly baseball.

It was the 2019 All Star Game.

The week gave those who attended the host city an opportunity to take part in interactive displays at Play Ball Park, events at historic League Park, and elsewhere.  (For more Click Here)

Sadly, Nielsen reported that the game had record lows for viewership.

After speaking with someone in the media as to potential reasons why, it became apparent that baseball simply doesn’t have any big names right now.

Enter a different era.

Rocco Domenico Colavito, better known as Rocky Colavito, was back in Cleveland during all star week.  Born in 1933, it is difficult to articulate the sort of impact that Rocky had on the city and on the game of baseball in general.

The Playhouse Square hosted a book signing event for the Indians’ hero and hundreds of baseball fans reportedly showed up to hear him speak about his playing days, the current state of the organization, and growing up.  Anyone this side of Lake Erie is aware of June 10, 1959, when Rocky hit four home runs in a single game, his cannon of an arm, and the curse of Rocky Colavito.  The latter remaining in Cleveland sports lore after then General Manager Frank Lane traded the Indians most popular player away during spring training 1960 (the mere mention of Lane’s name in passing still gets a negative reaction from the local public).

However, generally, most are unaware that the Rock is not in the hall of fame and even fewer know the actual stats.  (For more Click Here)

Most valuable player can mean a lot of things.  Often it’s pure statistics or the award for a championship winning season.  But by being one of the most beloved players to an entire city, ethnic group, and generation calls for baseball fans to take another look into what it means to be a true hall of famer.  And all star.

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