Dumbo: The Movie

By now everyone knows the story of Dumbo.  It’s a classic tale that’s been remade again and again across all platforms.

The 2019 ‘live action’ version in theaters now runs longer than most Disney films but it doesn’t seem like it, due to the creative efforts of director Tim Burton.  Though a film like this, in order to be somewhat believable, has to be told through the lens of a family of characters he (Burton) manages to find the right mix of focusing on the necessary elements to get you invested in the story while keeping the key elements of the Dumbo tale intact.

Some notable names also appear in the film, which helps.  Danny DeVito (Max Medici), Colin Farrell (Holt), Michael Keaton (Vandemere), and Eva Green (Colette) round out the remake of Disney’s 1941 animated wonder.  Perhaps the best aspect of the movie, though, is Dumbo himself.  He’s just as uplifting (literally), sentimental, and downright heartwarming as any previous version.

The one drawback is the choppiness of (some) flying scenes but it’s not enough of an issue to knock this one down.  In fact, the stunning visuals during the ‘pink elephants’ scene will have you mesmerized.

Overall, the acting, presentation, and music will have you missing the grand nature of the circus even if it brings up (inadvertently) some difficult questions.  This is one remake worth catching and will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Rating B-

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