KISS: End Of The Road


Before anyone in Cleveland plunks down upwards of seventy-five dollars for the cheapest seats to see KISS on their ‘End Of The Road Tour’ on March 17th at the Q Arena they should first watch a few recent videos posted to YouTube clearly showing Paul Stanley lip syncing his way through the set in other cities.

While it is true that many have and continue to do this, especially in the pop world, few bands tend to criticize others the way that Paul and bassist/frontman Gene Simmons do.   Couple this with the fact that you’d be paying to watch only one half of the original group (drummer Peter Criss and lead guitarist Ace Frehley are nowhere to be found, still) it may not be worth it.

The last visit to this area, Blossom Music Center in 2014, was a co-headlining event with Def Leppard as the opening act of the night.  They (Def Lep) played their way through a torrential downpour and entertained the crowd for a full ninety minutes.   KISS came out and played for maybe an hour with a few head scratchers on the set list.   They were good, no doubt, but it was more about nostalgia and playing to the next generation of KISS fans than it was to the fans who have defended them and helped them succeed in a career that could have rightfully ended in the mid-eighties.

Now, in addition to all of this, the current 2019 tour is scheduled to go on for at least three years.  Who’s to say they won’t be back around at some point? Remember the last farewell tour in ’99?

Again, KISS is great and anyone who loves rock at least knows a few KISS songs.   However, it would be just the same to sit back at home with a good sound system and watch concert footage from their heyday if they plan to continue lip syncing.   If the band had admitted that they use some tracking because, at this late stage in their career, they just can’t do it all anymore the fans probably would’ve accepted it and understood.   This is a statement more about their fans than anything else but this just isn’t right.

Seems like a money grab that people should stay away from since there are bound to be plenty of other acts coming around this year.  Unless, of course, you don’t mind.  In which case, rock on.



I recently listened to the SiriusXM exclusive concert that KISS performed at the Whisky in L.A. and I can assure you that they were not lip syncing.  Paul Stanley was awful (Gene could never sing) and maybe this first show was what prompted the band to lip sync.


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