Glass is a continuation of the movie ‘Unbreakable’ which was released in November of 2000.  Split, a fantastic horror slash thriller film released just a few years ago, bridges the two films and creates one amazing trilogy.
While the pacing of Unbreakable sort of plodded along, and Split kept viewers on the edge, at times Glass feels like more of an action movie.  M. Night’s directing style is still present but it plays like some of his newer movies (The Visit).
Everyone from the previous movies are back including Bruce Willis as David Dunn and M. Night makes another cameo as he did in Unbreakable.  The real star of these films, though, is James McAvoy.  He continues his role of a man with over twenty different personalities and does it not only convincingly but it’s downright entertaining to watch.  Another good performance is turned out by the movies’ central character, one Mr. Glass.
With everything in Hollywood these days seemingly either being a remake or a sequel it is refreshing that M. Night continues his finely tuned craft.  And while Glass is technically a sequel it’s at least original in concept.  The biggest knock on M. Night is that there is always a plot twist in his movies but the fact that he refuses to play to the audiences’ expectations, and it’s often the most obvious of got-you-moments, is part of what has made him so successful.  Glass is yet another example of this formula.

In closing, the first half hour is slower than it should be but is saved by a remarkable James McAvoy.  It isn’t too nuanced that the general audience can’t follow along and, yes, there is a plot twist.  The soundtrack is full of ambient noises that help to build suspense and it’s paid off with moments of action.  Let’s not forget that, after all, this is a superhero movie.
Let’s hope that M. Night continues to reprise the same originality and suspense that has made him famous regardless of whether the person standing next to you in line claims to know the ending.
Just watch and enjoy.


Rating B+

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