Aquaman is a perfect example of just how far superhero movies have come and offers a glimpse of what they could and should be in the future.

A great cast with Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Dolph Lundgren, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe and a few others line up almost exactly with their graphic novel counterparts.

The dialogue is typical of this type of movie with the only drawback being a disconcerting echo, albeit most of the time, in scenes taking place under water.  Another less concerning issue is the run time, just over two and a half hours, but this movie has so much to offer.

Not overly emotional, it does contain the elements necessary to reach every demographic including some intense action sequences.  The graphics are nothing short of breathtaking, especially in the final battle, and should be noted with all of the other highly touted disappointments as of late.

The story isn’t awful either; the first few scenes had some people in the theater out of their seats and cheering.  That’s rare.  Another rarity is an entire room clapping at the start of the end credits.  That happened for this one.

The directing, a James Wan film, was crisp and clear.  It was also fairly easy to follow.

Aquaman was a good experience, arguably better than Suicide Squad and especially Justice League, and provides some hope moving forward.  They have somehow managed to turn what has largely been a throwaway character into someone, and something, that fans can be excited about.  Easy to say, probably half of movie-goers will see this one for nostalgic reasons while the rest know the real deal.

Either way; everyone knows the story but it isn’t clunky and doesn’t try to fit too much in.  It’s great and Aquaman is a true superhero force thanks to this incredible offering.


Rating A-

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