Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield has been tasked with the monumental challenge of turning around a franchise that has been the worst in all of pro sports for the better part of two decades.  Most people are aware of his skill sets and what he was able to bring to the game of football at the college level; accuracy, mobility, and so on, and that’s why, for the most part, the fans in Cleveland were so excited with his draft pick.

However, after having recently viewed the Complete History of The Cleveland Browns one thing became clear; they have always had good quarterback play.  From Graham and Ryan, to Sipe, the list continued on until the expansion era with very few exceptions.

So the question of ‘What makes Baker different?’ has to be asked.

The Browns have repeatedly mortgaged their future for wins right now.  The debate about whether to throw a QB into the fire or let him sit a few seasons to learn is as old as the game itself.  Baker can be that special player but the pieces and parts have to be around him and, so far, it doesn’t look good.

Injuries have plagued the roster which has made the play calling puzzling at times and they just traded their best running back away.  Penalties have been a huge problem on offense thus far negating anything positive that may have happened and they still can’t win a single road game.

Baker can’t be the answer to all of this but he isn’t the problem either.

There has never been a time in football where one player could so dramatically change things that they suddenly start winning and become champions.  Sure the culture can change with one pick but it takes a succession of other picks to get things going.  More than any other sport, the game of football depends on all players doing their part.  Not just one player.  Even if it is considered the most important position on the field.

Unfortunate as it is, Baker has on his shoulders the hopes for a run at the playoffs in Cleveland or dare anyone say it, a championship but the real hope should be that it doesn’t sink him into the pit like every other Cleveland QB since the addition of the new Browns.

Stay tuned.


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