Hard Knocks

So, at a recent Indians away game one of the structures in the outfield started to leak water on the field causing an almost half hour delay.

Groundskeepers cleared the area and play resumed in a game which the Indians lost.  The Tribe skipper stated publicly, paraphrasing here, that he ‘wasn’t sure what was going on.’

But if it seems familiar, well, you’re not alone.  The grounds crew may as well be groundhogs.

With the ballclub here in Cleveland seeing some success the past few seasons, they and the fans have both been able to distance themselves from past failures.  That is most certainly a good thing.  However, no matter how good the team is, the effort they put in to each and every game, they still have to deal with things like the actual stadium.  And the umpires.

Game seven of the World Series just a few years ago will live and breathe, not just in baseball lore, but in the minds of every single Indians fan for eternity and for all the wrong reasons.

It started to rain.

The umpires put the game under a delay at a time when the Indians were picking up momentum and it arguably changed the final result.  The Tribe lost another Series in gut wrenching fashion.

The point here is not that the umpires shouldn’t do their jobs or that the field crew shouldn’t do theirs but that there just sometimes isn’t a logical explanation for it.  Especially when it happens over and over again to the same team.

Sometime down the line the Indians will win it all and when that happens, it’ll have to be considered a miracle.

Stay tuned.

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