Ghost: Prequelle

Grammy Award winners Ghost have managed to do something that many others have not.
They have crossed in the mainstream.


Ghost have all the elements that would make a successful hard rock band: dark imagery, mystique surrounding band members, a cool logo and name, but that’s only half the battle.


Normally when these things are taken away most bands suffer because the music doesn’t hold up.


For Ghost, at least on the new 2018 album Prequelle, this isn’t the case.


The band has put together a solid collection of ten songs, three instrumentals and two bonus tracks, that should be considered among the best that Ghost or any other group has offered so far in 2018.


Songs like ‘Rats’, ‘See The Light’, and ‘Dance Macabre’, stand out because of the bands ability to balance the heaviness that rock fans expect with melodic tunes.  On Prequelle, you’ll hear piano driven songs, vocal choirs, and extravagant brass sections.


At the same time you’ll hear crunchy guitars that don’t take too much away from the group’s pop rock sound.


During certain points it can be difficult to hear crisp vocals and a few songs end abruptly but that should be expected with such a complex offering.


The album isn’t perfect.


In fact, the first single off the album should have been ‘Dance Macabre’ but instead the choice was ‘Rats’ which is admittedly a much heavier selection.


There were also questions concerning the release date for Prequelle which is never a good thing, especially in an era of songs over full albums.


However, the best thing that can be said about Ghost is that they haven’t rested on their recent success.


If you’re in need of some new music with strong riffs that is packaged with fans of pop rock in mind then pick up a copy of Prequelle.


You won’t be disappointed.

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