A Quiet Place

In ‘A Quiet Place’ turmoil arises when anyone speaks above a whisper.   It’s a suspense movie that centers around one family trying to survive in the wilderness after alien creatures have apparently wiped everyone else out.

The gruesome creatures have no backstory and are never fully explained but it becomes evident that they are sensitive to sound.   For this reason the majority of the film is silent.   However the sudden audio in certain scenes become even louder than usual and it works well in startling the audience.  The other cool thing is that you don’t just catch a glimpse of the creatures like other horror films.  Instead, you see every grotesque detail.


The delivery is somewhat shaky at times and the ending can be seen from a mile away but it adds up and builds to a breaking point.   The decent cast has you rooting for them from the beginning and by the end you’ll be cheering.


This movie is a new take on an old plot and is a welcome addition to a landscape of sequels, remakes, and blurry fast-paced action films.   Be sure to get all your concessions beforehand because you won’t want to get up.


Rating C+



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