Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a difficult movie to define.   In this instance it happens to be a good thing.   It certainly has every necessary element for a big film; action (mostly), comedy, and drama.


The constant flip from live action to CG, the plot, cinematography, direction, and actual acting are exceptional.

At times the movie is downright amazing.


The majority of the film will have you waiting for what comes next and will also provide some laughs with a cast that fits perfectly with each character.   The soundtrack makes an impact by blending seamlessly with the action on screen and the various pop culture references are spot on.


For those that can appreciate it Ready Player One is one giant Easter egg.


If there is one downside it would be the very fast pace and some of the finer details get lost in the mix which could prevent moviegoers from enjoying the full scope of this epic film.


This is a movie that will challenge the boundaries of what can be done in cinema.  Overall, Ready Player One is worth the cost of admission.


Rating A-

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