Technically Sound

WrestleMania 34 started off solid with the Intercontinental Championship on the line.   The match was technically sound but the clear crowd favorite, Finn Balor, ultimately lost.


Over the course of the next few hours most of the matches seemed like filler.   Even one of the best matches of the night, between Angle/Rousey and Triple H/Stephanie, didn’t have the sort of lead up that fans wanted.   The crowd booed during the match (if you can call it that) between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.   And the WWE’s biggest star John Cena sat idle for most of the night until, to no one’s surprise, The Undertaker showed up.


There were some good moments within the aforementioned matches though.   It was good to see Rousey accepted by the crowd after an exceptional in-ring performance.   Likewise, it was good to see The Undertaker back in a ‘Mania match even though he’s supposed to be retired.   And although Brock Lesnar’s match was one sided it seems as if the WWE may have finally listened and decided to wait with its continued push of Roman Reigns.


However, the pop culture references and various celebrities that made ‘Mania’s of the past so good weren’t there and the crowd was just okay.


The WWE currently seems to be in transition and that brings with it the potential for a better product down the line but the fans will have to wait.


Overall, this WrestleMania was better than last but that isn’t saying much.



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