For Starters

Congratulations are in order to the Philadelphia Eagles organization and Eagles fans everywhere.  The big game was an instant classic the moment it ended and the NFL should be excited that it was able to provide the sort of content that it did.


It was a high scoring entertaining game with the two best teams in the league.


But with Cleveland’s big night coming up in the draft fans had to have noticed the Cleveland connections in this game.


For starters, the New England head coach who is now considered one of the greatest of all time.  His backup quarterback played in Cleveland not that long ago.  One of his running backs was cut from the Browns.  The Browns also decided against drafting the Eagles quarterback who got them to the big game and will most likely be the starter going forward.


Several players and coordinators on both teams were once in Cleveland.


Hopefully this football misery will end soon enough.


The Browns are reported to have an astounding amount of salary cap space this year and have stocked up on draft picks.  They have also put together a decent front office this time around.  Cleveland may also be hosting the draft in another year or so.


The NFL hasn’t been able to provide Cleveland with the best football content and they haven’t yet stepped in to take control of the draft.  But the question remains:

Would anyone care if and when the Browns get to the big game? Would there be any fans left?


Only time will tell.  But one thing is certain;  the front office of the Browns must do well in this draft after winning just one single game in the past two seasons.


Stay tuned.

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