Vince McMahon is apparently getting back into the business of football.  Let’s be clear: Vince McMahon doesn’t (and won’t) fail twice.


His folded league was a colossal undertaking and was considered a failure.  He did, however, introduce some very innovative concepts to the game of football that are still used today.


In order to compete with the NFL this time around the same concepts of innovation should continue.


How about guaranteed contracts?  Eliminating the fines for touchdown celebrations and penalties?  Or allowing players to endorse whichever products they choose.


The WWE is a powerhouse that could potentially open up some new markets unavailable to the NFL.  Maybe Vince’s new league could get ahead of the NFL by bringing his brand to Cleveland and building an actual winner.


Just like the days of WWE and WCW competing for television ratings made both products better and gave fans more of a choice in programming, this “new” league has the potential to do the same for the NFL.


Fans of the game of football will be the real winners.


Stay tuned.

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