Into The Fire

The football misery in Cleveland continues.  While many teams in the NFL are gearing up for the playoffs the Browns remain winless and talk of who they should take in the draft has already started.  This is standard in Cleveland around this time of year, however, the Browns recently decided to keep the coaching staff in place through at least the end of 2018.


The front office of the organization is a different story altogether.


John Dorsey enters in as the new general manager.  He comes from the Kansas City Chiefs and apparently had a very good track record going back to 2013.


As Dorsey walks into the fire he will have a number of very high picks in the upcoming draft and a huge amount of money to spend in free agency.  Hopefully he’ll utilize the cap and maximize potential picks but his first order of business needs to be confronting the head coach situation.


Pro football has always been about wins and losses but losing in the manner in which the Browns have, over decades, is simply unacceptable.  In the very least the current head coach needs to hire an offensive coordinator and delegate some responsibility but Dorsey should try and convince the top brass to hire a new coach and start over.


Time will tell if Dorsey can set things straight while the team tries to get a win but for now fans must remember that this is Cleveland and anything can happen.


Including the start of a winning football team.

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