Iron Man

Joe Thomas cannot be defined.  Not just in the context of what it means to be a professional football player or what he has meant over the past decade to the Cleveland Browns but he also can’t be defined in terms of somebody simply doing their job.


The left tackle position in the NFL isn’t glamorous and often isn’t listed as a ‘skill position’.  And for this reason Joe Thomas, to a large degree, seems to be almost forgotten when recalling some of the greatest athletes in sports past and present.


This is an enormous miscalculation.


The future Hall of Fame left tackle is more than the anchor on offense.  He has quietly become recognized by fans as the heart and soul of the Cleveland Browns.  Up until a few weeks ago Joe did not miss a play in his pro career after more than ten thousand snaps.


He also hasn’t played in a single playoff game.


The Browns organization recently recognized Joe by making him the highest paid player at his position while allowing him to help with the offense in a sort of coordinator role this past Sunday.  The impact that Joe Thomas has had and could have on the Cleveland Browns going forward is tremendous.

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