Compare And Contrast

It was a record making and breaking season for the Cleveland Indians.  Although it ended way too soon for the Tribe it may be time to examine the narrative on Cleveland sports in general.  Certain words are consistently used to describe the history of sports in Cleveland.


We all know what they are so there is no need to go through them.


The reason that this unfortunate narrative still exists is because of the Cleveland Browns.


In observing the current 0-7 record of the Browns, this remarkable losing streak can only fairly be looked at from the lens of other remarkable streaks outside of the Cleveland sports realm.  However, the most recent history making streak came from the Cleveland Indians.


Baseball is supposedly not made for long runs but somehow the Indians managed to win 20 plus games in a row.  Some have said that it was a complete fluke; that it wasn’t anything the players or management did.  It was just an aberration that over the course of a century was inevitable.


Although it’s never easy to compare stats from two completely different sports the aforementioned streak of the Indians has to have fans of both baseball and football scratching their heads when it comes to the Cleveland Browns.  In an effort to compare and contrast the Cleveland sports narrative with other larger ones, fans have to take note of the most impressive streak of all.


The Cleveland Browns have not been remotely competitive in decades.


Before winning their first game last season the Browns went 0-14.  If every football game, respectively, is equal to 10 or so baseball games that amounts to approximately 140 losses in a row.  Now at 0-7 to start the 2017 season, with no end to the losing in sight, the Browns are at 70 losses in a row.


The Cleveland Browns are an embarrassment not just to football, the fans in Cleveland, but to sports in general and the only constant during the misery has been Joe Thomas.  Arguably the best left tackle to ever play the game of football.  His recent injury, which puts him out for the remainder of the season, not only gives everyone a reason to officially tune out going forward but it leaves absolutely no leadership on a team full of rookies.


Are the Browns an aberration? The answer is yes.


But not for the reasons you may think.


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