One Full Round

Professional boxing has had some ups and downs.  Over the past several years, with the return of the welterweight division, boxing has regained credibility as a legitimate sport that can still draw the crowds.


And then came the announcement of a sort of gimmick bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. There is no doubt that the PPV will break every record standing in the world of broadcasting.  The question that no one seems to be asking, though, is what does this do for the sport of boxing long-term?


Only a few decades ago boxing lost draw power with heavyweights going, in some cases, less than one full round before the fight was called.  This has always been acceptable in the UFC but this isn’t the UFC. This is billed as a legitimate boxing match.


The UFC has a lot to be gained while professional boxing could ultimately suffer.


Like so many of the greats, Mayweather talks about his legacy.  But what about the legacy of the sport that so many helped to build before him?  At 49-0 and 26 knockouts where do the brass ring achievements end?  What else is there to prove?  It seems that the sport, fans, and promoters are all just looking to cash in on one final pay day while the talent that could and should be rising to stardom either stay in the undercard or become stagnant.


Boxing could be at fault for not giving the fans what they want but this one should never have been taken seriously.


The world will be watching on August 26th as one of the sports’ most dominant competitors walks to the ring.


Hopefully, the sport of boxing doesn’t get knocked out.

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