No Other Option

Cody Kessler is the answer for the Cleveland Browns.


While Brock Osweiler is serviceable and Kizer showing signs of what he can eventually become, why put the fans through yet another season of uncertainty?


The Browns had just one win in all of last season and yet Kessler remained dedicated to improving his skill set by setting and staying with a strict diet and offseason workout program.  These are the intangible differences that set the great quarterbacks apart from the rest.  Or at least the other two dozen quarterbacks who have tried to lead this team and have ultimately failed.


For an athlete like Kessler to be drafted with almost no expectation to succeed, essentially lose every game last year, and work through injuries provided by a lackluster offensive line, to still come into camp looking to make a statement that he can be the solidified quarterback for this club should, in the very least, have people talking.


The fact is, Kessler had an almost 70% completion rating in college with a sort of check down type of scheme. Given that the emphasis under the new personnel is to run that same type of offense with a heavy dose of the run game designed to break away the tight ends, well, what’s the problem?


It has been suggested that the best thing that could happen is for Kizer to win the position in camp and go through the pains of a rookie season.  But why struggle, assuming that Deshone Kizer can take the job in camp, with another rookie going through what rookies usually go through in their first season under center?  Cody Kessler has been there and done that.


Remember that this team lost almost every game to be rewarded with the first pick.  And also remember that they had to take a Myles Garrett because there was no other option.  So with Deshone Kizer being a value pick the pressure to start him right away is almost non existent.


Fans have to find a reason to keep showing up and this seasons theme should be consistency.


All the local reports suggest that Kessler is throwing farther and is getting to know the system better in his second season.


Stay with Cody Kessler.

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