Crowd Funding

By: Brett Crow


While this is a blog that covers the traditional sports, it’s hard to ignore the emergence of e-sports.  What has been a part of nerd culture, the love of video games only keeps growing.  TV networks have aired e-sports tournaments and television broadcasts for a time now, but it’s starting to take form.

One of the hottest issues with e-sports is the prize pools and wages.  While some tournament organizers have struggled to pay it’s competitors and talent, it’s interesting to look at one particular game and it’s company: Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2) by Valve.

While DotA 2, a free to play game, may not be as ubiquitous as a game like Halo or Call of Duty, DotA has had nine out of the top ten highest prize pools in e-sports history.  The top three spots of that list belong to DotA’s “The International” tournament, the culmination of their season.  How does the prize pool for this tournament get to the point of having the largest prize pools in e-sports history?

Crowd funding. 

While the tournament has a base prize pool of 1.6 million dollars, the rest of the amount is crowdfunded by casual players of the game.  Last year, players raised over $19 million for a total prize pool of $20,770,640. 

“The International 2017” was just announced and in less than four days, $5 million has been raised for this year’s tournament already, which takes place in August.  Prize pools of this size are bound to attract attention, be it from sponsors or television networks, particularly if they know that’s all money raised by potential customers.  The future of e-sports is tricky to discern, but there’s no doubting the continued growth and potential for business.


Editor Note: This month’s guest blog is brought to you by Brett Crow.  Brett is the former Operations Manager for Salem Media Group Cleveland and currently serves as an A/V Tech for PSAV.

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