The Upside

No need for a recap.

WrestleMania 33 was underwhelming.  The stage was set and the card looked to be good but the results did not deliver.  The problem of trying to cater to both the everyday viewer and a larger audience was evident.

The timing of the matches were sluggish, close to no entertainment extras were thrown in, and the main event saw one of the sports biggest stars retiring after a loss.


The upside is that the show goes on.


How wrestling fans react usually decide which direction the following broadcasts will go and if WrestleMania reactions are any indication, the program will get better.  NXT has the next group of superstars that will entertain wrestling fans and it’s just a matter of time before the NXT brand becomes a legitimate contender.

WrestleMania is the show that started it all but it may be time for the WWE to restructure the brands and NXT is the brand that can compete.

Stay tuned.


Note: NFL Draft next month.

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