Beyond The Ring

The WWE is ahead of the game.  Every game.

On April 2nd, millions will be tuned in to World Wrestling Entertainments biggest show to watch their favorite superstars.  WrestleMania has been a broadcasting force since it’s debut decades ago.  Even those who are not fans of the sport can recall certain moments from certain era’s that have gone beyond the ring itself.

Every year the roster changes but every year the stage seems to get bigger.  This constant change is a component of why the WWE has not only succeeded but has dominated.

From early live events, to closed circuit television, to pay-per-view, and now the WWE Network, the WWE has consistently delivered it’s product in new and innovative ways.

The WWE had even introduced elements of MMA into its programming long before the UFC became popular.

The WWE Network had a slow start.  But it’s there.  Eventually the numbers will continue to rise to the point that it becomes the way in which most fans choose to view the sport.

And from a broadcasting standpoint, it’s encouraging.

For those who have ever asked if there could be a product that rivals the NFL, or the World Series, or the NBA Finals, that product already exists.  It’s the WWE.

And WrestleMania is the show that started it all.


Note: A full recap of WrestleMania next month.

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