Game Over

The greatest football game of all time? Or simply the greatest collapse in sports history?

The NFL has, for decades, sold it’s big game as the best show in all of sports.

But how will it be remembered in the years going forward?

There were over 70 thousand people in attendance and millions of viewers watching but the ratings have started to dip.  Have the fans gotten tired of the same old NFL or have all of the off-the-field problems with players finally reached the larger audience that the league, for years, has wanted to include?

Perhaps it’s both.

New England was able to come back from being 25 points down late in the third quarter and eventually win a record fifth championship in seven appearances under their current head coach. Quarterback Tom Brady threw for almost 500 yards which is also a record for a single player in the big game.  These are stats that would qualify any major professional sports team for Hall of Fame status.

But fans have seen this same story play out for the past decade.

And the Deflate Gate issue, as it has been called, which resulted in the suspension of Tom Brady by the NFL Commissioner was reminiscent of a WWE storyline.

Also of note, if there is one thing the NFL as a whole should take away from this past season it should be to work on the restructuring of overtime rules.

All said, this season could very well be the beginning of the end of the NFL’s grip on the sports universe.

When fans of the sport of football look back at this season what will they remember?

Is it game over for the NFL?

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