A Start

For a club that wasn’t supposed to go anywhere this season the Cleveland Indians gave every mid market baseball team a template and strategy for success.

In the baseball business world there are no guarantees that any team gets to play for a championship in consecutive seasons and with the way things are structured it’s supposed to be even more difficult for an NFL franchise.

However, that is not the case. Repeats happen all the time in the NFL.

And so does the losing.

The Browns are off to the worst start in franchise history and the real challenge for fans is trying to understand how this hasn’t happened before.  The Cleveland football team has been so awful for so long that it’s hard to imagine the last two decades being separate seasons.

Are Browns fans really watching a professional product?

The question now is just how much the other successful franchises in Cleveland can influence such a dismal and struggling football team for the better.

Football and baseball are completely different sports but from a business standpoint some things like ownership, scouting talent, and the hiring and firing of coaches are the same.  And some key players, the ones that transcend their respective sport, can go a very long way in helping to create a winning culture.

Sometimes you have to envision yourself as a winner before you can become one.

And that would be a start.

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