A Larger Audience

The NFL has a very real problem this season.  The ratings are down across the board and interest seems to be slipping.  The reason given for the decline is that there are so many ways to ingest the sport now; twitter, and the NFL Network app, among others.

However, that doesn’t explain the success of the sport in previous seasons.

Even if you were to split the viewing audience, you would think the ratings would at least remain the same.  But the NFL has decided to saturate things and provide even more content.

It wasn’t that long ago, in this very blog, that the point was made that NFL viewership had nowhere to go but in decline.

With more ways to get the games now, and assuming even more people are watching because of it, the audience will almost automatically grow.  And with that, you have to at least begin to appeal to a larger audience.  And the NFL hasn’t done anything to stop the rampant, almost weekly reports of players’ off the field problems.  If the only person to be held responsible is the Commissioner; the person that players appeal suspensions to, then why doesn’t there seem to be any accountability for the fact that when a player drops the ball in an off-field situation it usually ends with that player missing one or maybe two games?

And let’s not get started on concussions and how that impacts football on every other level of the sport and that growing audience.

The NFL will continue to do what it has always done; provide the best on field product of any major sport and hope that these things will go away. They have to realize that the landscape has significantly changed in recent years.

And not just on the field.

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