A World Series Win

The Cleveland Indians are in first place right now in their division.  That’s right, it’s almost the end of the season and the Tribe has a lead of about 5.5 games.  Amazing pitching throughout, as well as solid hitting during the season has gotten them to this point.

But with the baseball season rapidly approaching its end, how long can they hold on to this lead?

The pitching has started to slow down and the Indians will play both the second and third place teams in the last two weeks of the season. The lead could quickly disappear.

Most people in the sports talk world have said that the only thing the team has to do is get to the playoffs. However, momentum is a very real thing.

Especially with the fans.

If the Tribe loses a lead that they have held onto all season, what would that do for a fan base that hasn’t shown up to the ballpark all year?

The Cleveland Indians have an opportunity to show everyone around the majors that they can be a top tier ballclub and that they can be successful in this market and actually win.  The big difference maker has been the management.  The same management that has been called out for mortgaging the future and not going out and getting the one or two players that could change the complexion of a season.

If the Indians lose grip on the division this late it could have an impact on future signings and would keep the fans from returning to the park.  And it could have an impact on the future of this new management.

Postseason baseball is going to be a reality here in Cleveland.

But what will be the end result?

Hopefully a World Series win.

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