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The key ingredient to building a successful on field product in the NFL starts with the quarterback. Various clubs have tried various approaches with drafting schemes and playing either side of the ball but on the field leadership in the form of a quarterback will always create a winning culture. Cleveland has needed this for as long as any fan can remember.

This time around Cleveland decided on naming Robert Griffin the starting quarterback.

The initial signing of Griffin was puzzling but from all accounts he has worked very hard throughout the offseason to now becoming the starter.  The former second round pick has suddenly found new opportunity in the form of rebuilding one of the worst franchises in all of professional sports.

Griffin has all of the physical attributes of an elite quarterback and possibly some of the intangibles but does he have the surrounding cast needed to succeed?

Cleveland may have as good an answer as any when it comes to the quarterback but the rest of the team is still in transition.  The draft can help down the line but to make a statement this year will take a monumental effort.

It is refreshing not to have an open competition going into the first preseason game and these games have yet to play out.  However, all signs are pointing to another year of fans just hoping to see some promise for the future.

Will Robert Griffin be that player?

Stay Tuned.

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