We could run through the facts.  The only team to come back from a 3-1 deficit and win the title, the only city not to win a major championship in over 50 years.  But why do that?  The wait is over.

Cleveland can now call themselves the defending 2016 NBA Finals Champions.

Without understating the significance of Cleveland winning the Championship this year, let’s recap one of the most anticipated professional boxing matches that took place recently.

Keith Thurman against Shawn Porter.

It hasn’t been 50 years but this matchup was cancelled, originally scheduled for March 12th, and had fans waiting to see who truly is the best in the sport right now.

From the first round through to the very last second of the final round this one was incredible.  Both competitors looked as though they had waited for this very moment to define and redefine their respective careers.

Thurman predicted a knockout while Porter talked of his defensive skill set.  However, right away both guys took to the center of the ring to get an early advantage.  The first few rounds looked to be almost even with the slight edge going to “Showtime” Shawn Porter.  Moving to the middle rounds of this one neither competitor slowed down.

It was Porter who seemed to look for the knockout while Thurman displayed his defensive skills.

Though Porter had Thurman moving back and against the ropes for most of the later rounds, he did get buckled, an accomplishment that most Welterweights should be proud of but is standard for Keith Thurman.  They call him “One Time” for a reason.

By the end of the bout both competitors were cut, still throwing with everything they had, and already people were touting this as a “fight of the year” contender.

When it was all said and done, this one went to the scorecards to determine the winner.  It was unanimous in favor of the reigning champ Keith “One Time” Thurman.  The outcome may have been the correct one but the fact that it was unanimous had fans of Shawn Porter wondering what more he could have done considering that neither guy was knocked down and that it looked to be so close.  It might have been easier to understand a split-decision in this instance.

Almost immediately there was talk of a rematch.

It will be interesting to see what is next in the careers of both “One Time” and “Showtime”.

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