It’s Final

Purposely ignoring the NBA Finals for now, the shift in attention turns to baseball: namely the Cleveland Indians. The Indians, not surprisingly, have exceptional pitching and are staying above .500 early in the season.  In fact, they are between one and three games ahead in the division at any point thus far.

With not-so-high expectations from experts this season the Indians have surpassed even the harshest critics’ concerns surrounding the ballclub.

The Cleveland Indians of recent history have always started slow, then eventually gain momentum in mid-season, only to fizzle out late in the year even if given a one game playoff.  So, it is very encouraging to see the strong start and if the Indians can maintain the early season jump on the division, it is possible to see a post-season run this year.

One of the biggest reasons for this may possibly be the front office restructure.  No one can deny that Terry Francona is a good manager, especially with the limited resources given.  But the fact that the Indians didn’t get the home run off season acquisition and one of the star players on the club didn’t actually start the season, it only speaks to the managerial skills of Francona.  He could be the reason the Indians make a run this year.  

So now in the midst of the NBA Finals and with Cleveland looking to disappoint yet again, the Indians may be the next thing that sports fans in town can look forward to.

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