No Surprise

The most predictable first round of the NFL Draft ever.  There was almost no excitement in not knowing who was going to be selected with the first, second, third, or really any pick heading into the second round with the 32nd pick.

From a Cleveland perspective, I don’t think the fans watched and waited through a very long 3-13 season to eventually have the under-new-management Browns trade down, not take a quarterback, but instead decide to draft a wide receiver who is striking in his similarity to one that they already had but decided to let go.

The Browns did what they usually do in the draft and took a left turn.  Not surprising.

They also took a player who did not play a single snap last season and another who tore a knee. And the quarterback that they did take in the third round does not come close to the caliber of the type of player they could have had in Lynch.

Again, no surprise.

Everyone likes to give draft grades at around this time but no one will really know who is who and what is what until the season begins.  However, just the eye test on some of the players that were drafted to Cleveland must have fans scratching their heads.  They seemed to be focused on things to be gained next season while leaving longtime fans in dismay.

Robert Griffin may be the answer for this season.  No one, here or anywhere else, thinks that he is the long term answer.  But by taking a quarterback in the third round, one who is projected to be a career backup at best, the new management is off the hook.  If Kessler fails, he was taken in the third round.  If he succeeds, they look good. But how likely is it that he will succeed if the rest of the team needs a full upgrade right now?

Hopefully some of the players in this years draft will get to see the field in Cleveland.  It won’t be a surprise, however, if they don’t.  This is not unusual in Cleveland.

No surprise there.

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