The Month Of March

The month of March could very well be the best time for sports fans.  The NBA is full go, The NCAA Tournament is here, the NFL draft is just a month away, and spring training has begun.

Here in Cleveland, just this month alone, sweeping changes have been made to the Browns in terms of signings (or the lack thereof).  The loss of three linebackers to what is already one of the worst franchises in pro sports has fans wondering what this next season will look like.  Even the most attentive fan would have struggled to name three linebackers to begin with.

In the first game last season Josh McCown took a risky dive into the endzone and was injured.  It looked like the start of the Manziel era but as things usually go in Cleveland sports, it didn’t last.  Fast forward to this year, the month of March, and the front office has made yet another puzzling move with the signing of Robert Griffin.  With him, the Browns have already committed to another quarterback controversy with the draft less than a month away.

In baseball, it’s another turnaround season for the Indians.  The front office has changed significantly and it’s rumored that star outfielder, Michael Brantley, won’t be ready for opening day.  The outfield is a complete mess even with Brantley, so it will be interesting to see what answers the coaching staff can come up with.

The Indians have played evenly so far in Cactus League competition, however, late starts in the regular season have had the Indians trying to rally for much of the second half these past few seasons and the team just doesn’t seem built for that.  Again, it will be interesting to watch as things unfold.

Many fans seem to think that the only hope for a championship will rest with the basketball team here in town but as any Clevelander should know, reserve judgement.


The Porter-Thurman bout has been rescheduled to take place on June 25th after Keith Thurman needed to take time off due to an injury.  Fans of boxing know that this is going to be one of the best matchups in a very long time.

The bout was originally supposed to take place in, you guessed it, the month of March.

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