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With one of the worst Super Bowls in recent memory, if not of all time, in the books it’s time to reflect on and discuss what is ahead for fans of Cleveland sports.

No Manziel mention is necessary unless, of course, the fans want to hear less about the drama of the game itself and more about drama off the field.

There is a new coach in place and the decision to hire him was met with, for the most part, applause.

But now analytics is the new buzz word in Cleveland, Ohio and all across the NFL.  With baseball still one of the most traditional sports it’s almost surprising most commentators on NFL happenings were not immediately ecstatic about Cleveland football announcing that they are going to take an analytical approach to the game.

With so much losing the pessimism surrounding this “new” approach was expected and again, Cleveland football didn’t disappoint.

As the postseason began Cleveland fans were left wondering who would be the next general manager and head coach.  But who, if anyone, would take on the monumental task of trying to turn around this abysmal franchise?

Well, instead of immediately beginning the search the ownership decided to once again restructure the front office and brought in a guy from the baseball realm to run analytics.

Seems odd at best.

Analytics is nothing new in sports and it will be interesting to see how this affects the current roster of players. Manziel is the first that comes to mind but apparently hasn’t been reached by the coach for a meeting.  It would be difficult, even for some of the sports big name players, to be so scrutinized with almost nothing around them. Manziel had no run game, the receivers routinely quit routes, and there was absolutely no stopping anyone on the other side of the ball.

But, in the very least Manziel did get to step on the field.

Most of the players under former coach Pettine didn’t get to play based on what they did during practice.

Can anyone actually say with certainty whether or not a Justin Gilbert or a Cam Erving will be decent NFL players?

What is certain is that this ballclub is in need once again for leadership in the form of a quarterback, most likely from the college ranks.  And a complete overhaul of linebackers and wide receivers would also be at the top of a very long list of things this coach will need to accomplish before the start of next season.

Cleveland is well below the salary cap but even if they want to spend, what free agents would be willing to come to a perennial losing franchise?  Right now, it’s difficult to say.

With the new baseball season fast approaching and the basketball team here in town performing at a very high level, most fans are happy to now officially be done with this football season.

The fans in Cleveland are well aware that there is more to the game of football than the off the field drama and constant losing this club offers.

Especially with so much to fix.

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