Another Bye Week

Thursday Night Football has taken a lot of criticism for not exactly offering the best matchups as of the last few seasons.  Monday nights used to be the broadcast that everyone tuned in to until the NFL decided to include a Sunday night game.

Maybe it’s possible that the NFL has simply spread itself too thin.

Or maybe it’s a good thing for the lower tier of the NFL.

The broadcast on Thursday nights are impeccable and the NFL is the best brand in sports but critics could, and do, argue that it could be more entertaining and offer better matchups.  Are fans just tired of football by mid-week?

There are 32 franchises in the NFL and if there has to be a Thursday night game, well, somebody has to play.  It’s not always the case on Thursdays but when a losing franchise can get valuable television time it can only help, even if very few people are watching.

Aside from doing away with middle of the week football altogether, Thursday Night Football can still offer some entertainment.

Flex scheduling can help with the matchups, and playing on Thursdays all year long can help make it a marquee night.  The fact is, Monday is actually the first game of the week but most fans seem to forget that.  So, if the NFL can do away with some of the meaningless preseason games and maybe start the regular season off with more than a few Thursday night games, it could help.

Here in Cleveland, this losing franchise had a bye week and followed with a Thursday night game and for the most part it was local with Cleveland playing Cincinnati.  If the broadcast is not on the West Coast fans can consider it another bye week.

The NFL has an incredible brand and fans can consider Thursday night games during the regular season as just another bye week.

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