A Championship Brand

The World Wrestling Entertainment brand for some time now has extended into a developmental league called WWE NXT.  The NXT brand has become, in some ways, better than the WWE brand. NXT is named for the next group of WWE wrestlers to eventually become WWE Superstars and so far it has worked.

Going back to the days of World Championship Wrestling and Eastern Championship Wrestling the WWE was always the premier in the sport.  Though the competition seemed to bring the best out of each promotion, with each trying to gain and keep momentum in the ratings, WCW and eventually ECW were purchased by World Wrestling Entertainment.  At first the brands were split with each promotion and their talent wrestling under the WCW and ECW names, respectively.  After some time WCW and ECW folded with only a select few talents remaining to wrestle with WWE.

With the success of WWE NXT, a brand split would be a welcoming new addition and would provide longtime fans with some nostalgia.

WCW always had better technical wrestlers as well as a much better under card.  ECW provided a place for which wrestlers could basically practice on the mic and in front of live crowds.  Between these promotions there was something for everyone.

WWE is the big leagues of professional wrestling but with their not so recent expansion into other facets of media, why not use the other brands as a way to lift under utilized talent?

The WCW and ECW brands and titles all had a very rich history that are not forgotten amongst fans of the sport. However, even if the brands were to be used in the same manner that WWE NXT is used it could only help the WWE brand in developing new talent.

WWE NXT is a success and there is no question that WCW and ECW could find that same success under the WWE.

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