Johnny Football

It’s officially “Johnny Time” in Cleveland.

The Browns, as usual, started off the season with a miserable loss and the fan base was more than distraught. The talk was that the Browns have new uniforms, and a new season to look to, but it was the same old story. However, after week 2 and seeing a glimpse of what last season’s first round pick is capable of, the fans seem rejuvenated. And now the storyline is whether to stay with John Manziel or go back to Josh McCown, who should clear the concussion protocol by weeks end.

The fans seem split on this issue but there shouldn’t be a question of who to start.

The Browns should carry the momentum after this week right into next week by starting Johnny Manziel.  Some fans would say that he has to sit more and keep learning the playbook.  But you could point to almost half of the teams in the league that started their picks on opening day and have had success.  Some fans would say they want him to rest because of the issues he has had with soreness in his arm.  But you could point to the fact that he has had these issues all along, going back to his early playing days.  And let’s not take anything away from McCown.  He’s gutsy and willing to help Johnny along the way to eventually being the starter for this ball club.  So, even if Johnny doesn’t play the rest of the season like he did last week, you could always go back to the guy with years of experience and, hopefully, turn things around.

The upside is there for a guy like Johnny to keep improving.  And if he doesn’t, then the Browns will know what they have and can then look to take another quarterback at seasons end.

The Browns may have wanted to make sure that Manziel earned his starting job from the very beginning or, more likely, it was just dysfunction.  But with it being so early in the season the Browns should ride with the momentum whether it was by design or not.

Even with a supposed lack of playmakers and all of the off-the-field issues that the Browns have had to deal with, after the way the Browns played there is no reason why this football team shouldn’t make the playoffs.

And you start with “Johnny Football”.

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