Preseason Football

The best thing about the upcoming football season in Cleveland just might be the new uniforms. Criticized for the hype leading up to the “new” logo reveal (it took a full two years to look almost identical to the old logo), the new uniforms are a refreshing new look. The only pro team to have no official helmet logo and an unchanged uniform since at least the 1960’s, the team now are the only ones with their name displayed across the jersey prominently, not once but twice.

But what does it matter?

Well, with a new/old quarterback, a new offensive coordinater, and a handful of hopeful picks from last season, the uniform change might not mean anything. The product on the field simply has to improve. And to not just be exciting but actually win more than a few games.

Improvements to the fan experience aside we can hope that the uniform changes are rendered meaningless.

Playing against top teams every year in one of the toughest divisions in pro sports, the Cleveland product needed a new look. This may not be the improvements that fans have longed for but it is a start.

Every season each club starts out with the same record. And every year there is always at least one team that improves dramatically. So, why do fans seem to focus on the trivial?

Because, especially in Cleveland, you have to win. It’s only the preseason but there are a ton of storylines carried over from last year.

And the one headline that isn’t is just how good this football team can be.

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