Across The Board

Should video games be considered a sport? In certain realms it already is considered a sport but not in the same sense that we talk about football or basketball on the radio type of sport. Can video games ever be legitimized across the board and be respected as an actual event?

Gaming competitions are cropping up all over now and it can’t be ignored.

There are huge cash payouts in these tournaments. So much so, that people are playing to essentially make a living.

Not everyone can be good at video games. Especially now, with games that have you surrounded with everything you need to be fully immersed. Like an athlete, any athlete, it takes a certain skill set to be the best. It does take time and dedication to your craft. In some cases, too much time.

Like any real sport it takes eye hand coordination and multitasking to be proficient.

The only argument that anyone seems to have against it being considered a sport is that there is no physical activity involved. But does this argument have any real credibility? Video game systems now have sensors to capture your movements and get gamers going.

Will it ever get to the point that mainstream sports talk accepts this as a real sport and not just a niche hobby? That is the challenge.

With finding new and engaging topics to keep listeners tuned in radio will eventually have to recognize gamers.

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