Showtime For Porter

It may really be ‘Showtime’ for Showtime Shawn Porter. The former IBF World Welterweight Champion has recently strung together several impressive wins since his loss to Kell Brook and now with his unanimous decision win against former three division champ Adrien Broner on Premier Boxing Champions, the stage is set for Porter to once again challenge for a title.

The antics by Adrien Broner leading up to the bout were nothing unusual to fans of boxing but the contrast between Broner and Porter overshadowed their similarities. Both Broner and Porter are Ohio natives, Porter from Cleveland, Broner from Cincinnati. Both only had one loss in their professional careers before the match and each were former title holders.

Oftentimes the verbal sparring between competitors in the sport of boxing are more interesting than the in-ring display provided. But that wasn’t the case last week. Porter walked to the ring looking like he had something to prove and to a degree he did. Going against Broner, for any fighter, is no easy task. All week prior to the bout Porter kept his cool reminding his fans that he does his talking in the ring while Broner was looking to get paid twice. Porters attitude and character should be a refreshing look for a sport which really lacks in that area. Broner even made the demand for a catchweight of 144 pounds and all along Porter stayed focused.

Bell to bell throughout the match Porter looked better than he ever has in his entire career. At one point, Broner got turned around and was throwing from behind much to the dismay of the pro-Porter crowd. Broner tried to lift and tackle Showtime apparently thinking that the referee wouldn’t notice. But everything Broner tried to do Porter had an answer for. In the very last round though, Broner surprised everyone with a left hook that knocked Porter down for the first time in his pro career. But when it came to the scorecards the stats told the story, with Porter winning.

There are rumors that, although unlikely, Showtime Shawn Porter may have the opportunity to go against Floyd Mayweather in a few months.

Showtime stepped up after a crushing loss to Kell Brook and since that time has proven that he belongs. A chance at a title shouldn’t be too far off.

Fans of the sport of boxing should be excited to see what comes next in the career of Showtime Shawn Porter.

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