The Future Of Boxing

Floyd Mayweather boxing is its own special brand. Now that the most hyped sporting event in history is over the consensus seems to be that it didn’t live up to the hype and that it was boring.

No one should be surprised that the elusive boxer gracefully avoided punches in his way to a decision win. After all, these are welterweights and generally the knockouts don’t come as easily as they do in the heavyweight divisions.

I said numerous times on Psyched And Mic’d that either way, knockout or not, the bout would be disappointing to the average fan. But those still enamored with the “sweet science” witnessed one of the best doing exactly what he does best.

Boxing is no longer the sport it used to be but neither is football, basketball, or any other major sport. In my opinion, this matchup did not disappoint at all.
And on this night the better boxer won.

The only concern now is that there is simply no one for Floyd to go up against.
Except for one man. And that is Keith Thurman.

Many casual boxing fans might not know who Keith Thurman is yet but once another challenge is issued for the coveted titles that Floyd holds, they will.

Floyd, as it stands, is the best boxer of his era. And that argument will never go away especially after this last match. But if Floyd Mayweather is looking to solidify his title among the best in boxing he will have to go against Keith Thurman.

Before the bout Floyd talked about money, legacy, and fans. And a match against the likes of a Keith Thurman will gain such momentum that it cannot be ignored.

Look for the sport of boxing, especially the welterweight divisions, to once again rival football and basketball.
Right now boxing may not be the same sport that we all remember but it is a sport on the rise once again.
Partly because of competitors like Floyd but mostly because the future of this sport looks to be so promising with guys who will step up.

Guys like Keith Thurman.

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