One And Done

The Final Four part of the NCAA Tournament has come and gone. And I think the NBA should follow with a similar one and done tournament style playoff.  First, shorten the regular season.  The players and the Players Association would agree to that.  Since more than half of the league gets in anyway, you can start there. Take those teams and start a tournament.  In the history of the NCAA tournament less than a handful of teams, two to be exact, have ever won it all.  So if that translates into the pros it’s fair to assume NBA Finals viewers would still be watching the two best teams play.

There is always at least one team that you never expect to be in the NCAA Tournament, to go as far as they did, and it usually rejuvenates a fan base.  Now, think of the worst NBA teams doing the same.

The main issue with this isn’t keeping the integrity of the league intact.  The issue would be how to generate the lost revenue of less games during the regular season.

Why not put the sponsors right on the jerseys?

The NBA, in my opinion, is by far a more player-driven league than any other in sports.  And what potential advertiser wouldn’t want the biggest stars in the NBA wearing their logo?

The NCAA Tournament is very popular among sports enthusiasts and could go a long way in getting people more interested in the NBA.  And with the NBA season being so long who really pays attention until the playoffs?

The NBA doesn’t need help in gaining popularity but doing a tournament style playoff would help with the casual fan.  And with the collective bargaining agreement on its way you can rest assured that the players will be asking for some sort of compromise with the current schedule.

So, basketball fans, why not?

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